Wordpress and WooCommerce Website Development and Support

Get professional support and fixes for your WordPress and WooCommerce website. Our team offers expert solutions for all your website related tasks, from minor adjustments to important fixes.

Plugin and Themes installation

We can install, update, modify and reinstall your WordPress themes and plugins. We can also do basic customizations such as font and color adjustments to your theme.

Security and Performance

We make sure your site is secure and fast so you can relax knowing your website not only has top-notch security but it also gives your visitors a great browsing experience.

Woocommerce Support

We help you get WooCommerce set up and running on your WordPress website. Support for integrating and configuring payment gateways to accept payments from various providers and processing payments for your customers.

Quick Fixes and Edits

If your website has multiple small problems. We can help fix them in a matter of minutes. These include, fixing some css issues or adding Favicon of your site.  

Malware Detection

There are many types of malware or malicious code. The longer a malware is present on your site the more damage it does. If your website has been hacked or compromised, we’ll scan it.

Server Backups

In the event that pages are lost or functionality is impaired, Our backup solution can help to restore a fully functional version of the website in a matter of clicks.

  Offering free initial setup for your WordPress website.

 Do you want to get your website up and running quickly and professionally, but you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the technicalities? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! We will set up your wordpress website in one business day without any cost.

PHP Development
We use PHP to create websites that work smoothly and are enjoyable for users. It’s all about making things run well.

JavaScript Development
With JavaScript, we add exciting features to websites, making them both visually appealing and functional. Your site becomes more interactive and engaging.

HTML Development
Our HTML development forms the structure of websites, ensuring they look great and are easy to navigate. It’s the backbone of good web design.

Python Development
Python is our tool for building strong and efficient automation websites. We use it to make sure your script is reliable and does exactly what you need it to do.

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